Procurement of Energy OASE


One of the main activities of Energy OASE is Procurement equipment, components and material for industrial applications.

Our major concerns are:

  • AC motors and Generators
  • Variable Speed Drive for AC motors
  • Transformers, UPSs, Rectifiers, convertors and other types of electrical
  • equipment and component
  • Valves and regulators
  • Instrument and electronics components

Equipment provided by us is categorized into electrical, mechanical and electronics.


Low voltage machines

  • IP23  and IP 55 –  Efficiency class IE2

  • Frame size 63 to 560

  • Degree of protection from IP23 to IP65

  • Single and change-pole speeds

  • Types of protection Ex e, Ex n

  • Ex d for ambient temperatures as low as – 50 °C

  • Converter-controlled machines

  • Energy-saving designs (optimised efficiency)

  • High-Speed Machines up to 15,000 rpm and 500 kW

  • Motors for marine applications to regulations of international classification societies


RIS Rectifier-Inverter

Input voltage:  400/230 VAC und 24/48/60/108/216V DCOutput voltage:    24/48/60/108/216 VDC und 230VACEasy to handle 19″ system „HOT-PLUG-IN“-abilityCompact design; low weight of single componentsCAN-bus ability optionalRemote maintenance via modem (optional)Parallel operation ability (n+1-principle)PSR

  • Input Voltage: 230V AC

  • Output Voltage:  24/48/60/108V DC

  • Rated Output Power:  300-900W

  • Sinusoidal input current (600/900W)

  • Flexible 19″-system, „Hot-Plug-In“

  • Outstanding dynamic performance and high overall efficiency

  • Temperature compensation of charge voltage

  • Digital displays for output voltage, current, and adjustment values

  • CAN-bus interface (optional)



  • Input Voltage: 48/60 and 108V DC

  • Output Voltage:  230V AC (220/240V AC)

  • Rated Output Power: 1.2 – 5.0kVA

  • Wide DC input range

  • Flexible 19″-system, „Hot-Plug-In“

  • Outstanding efficiency and dynamic performance

  • High power density and low weight

  • Parallel and three-phase operation

  • Very low audible noise

  • Remote communication and control by CAN-bus interface


  • Input Voltage:  48 and 60V DC

  • Output Voltage:  230V AC (220/240V AC)

  • Rated Output Power:  1.2 – 3.3kVA

  • Flexible19″-system, „Hot-Plug-In“

  • High overload ability

  • Different output frequencies and voltages available

  • Parallel and three-phase operation possible

  • Communication via CAN-bus interface (optional)


  • Input Voltage:  24, 108 and 216V DC

  • Output Voltage:  230V AC (220/240V AC)

  • Rated Output Power:  0.5 – 5.0kVA

  • Frequency:  Different output frequencies and voltages available

  • Flexible19″-system, „Hot-Plug-In“

  • High overload ability

  • Communication via CAN-bus interface (optional)

  • Parallel and three-phase operation possible

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